Board Meetings: Is Anyone Listening?

It's been on your calendar for weeks, sometimes months. You've prepared slide after slide. You've analyzed financial results to accurately answer questions if they arise. The room is full of colleagues. Each is there for their own reason. Can you interpret what they want to hear? Did you anticipate their line of questions? Is there a new corporate strategy? Are you collaborating and innovating or simply telling a story that's already been told. As you look across the room, are most of the executives mentally going through their enormous list of tasks to complete before the day is over? Hence, leading to the feeling that you are the Peanuts teacher?

Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of, founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures, author and previously, chief evangelist of Apple, provides fantastic tips in his blog, "The Art of the Board Meeting". It's written with humor, intelligence and great insight. The Board Meeting is the perfect venue to accomplish key strategic decisions regarding your business. You have a captive, vested audience. Board Meetings need to provide active engagement. If members sit by passively, the opportunity to innovate has been missed.

The Board Meeting does not need to be the single source of innovation or communication between members. As Steve Jobs, technology and co-founder of Apple Inc., stated "Innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in how we've been thinking about a problem." Gather these insights, collaborate and innovate! Transform your Board Meetings to become a Meeting of the Minds … your Board Members will thank you!


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