InStore Sales, Counts & PPA Seasonality, Commodities and YOUR Business Intelligence!

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With daylight savings time, darkness falls a bit earlier. Daylight is diminishing. What does this mean for your business? Do you have the Business Intelligence needed to track how the changing of the seasons affects your business?

Seasonality Data Visualization

CFO Rapid Fire helps their clients visualize how their Sales, Counts & PPA are affected by seasonality. Of course, this is a completely static example. In a “live” situation, the client would be able to identify exactly what happened during Week 21 to cause the spike. There is also a “Comment” Section which allows the clients to detail exactly what is happening on a real time basis. No more wondering what happened during a month, document it as it happens!

* Manipulate * Drill Down * Highlight * Investigate *

With this technology, the data our clients have been waiting to obtain is readily available. Now they are asking us “What should we DO with this data?” Our answer is:

* Analyze * Adjust * Innovate *

We give you a look into your commodity costs including historical data.  No more wondering where you’ve been or where you’re headed.  Time to take control and visualize your seasonality!  

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